Pilgrims' Fans on the Net

Now's your chance to let the world know you support the best team in Lincolnshire! Many other team pages have a list of their supporters on the Net so let's have a go at our own.

I have now introduced an anti-spam measure. Some nasty people out there have created computer programs that automatically search web pages for e-mail addresses. They use the addresses they find to spew out junk mail. So to disguise your e-mail addresses I have replaced the @ symbol by a # and the . by a +. Because you are all intelligent people, you should be able to get back to the real address fairly easily so you can get in touch with your friends, and it should help to cut down on the spam e-mails you receive.

If you want to add your name to the list then sign up here.

Recent Additions / Amendments

Jane Hoyes, Ian Hunt, Mark Isaac, David Lee Chi Kin, Elliott Lowe, David Mitchell, Ella Moody, Bethany Rayner.

The List

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