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Boston United Reserves - Season 2004/05

 Date         V C Opponents                  Att. Result      1             2             3             4             5             6             7             8             9            10            11            Sub           Sub           Sub
 Wed 18th Aug H P DONCASTER ROVERS                W  5-2  Bellairs      Lyttle        Lowe          Ellender      Clarke        Noble         Holland       Rusk(1)       Staff(1)      Pitt(2)       L.Thompson(1) O'Halloran    Haskin        Raynor
 Wed  8th Sep A P Lincoln City                    L  0-2  Bastock       T.Hurst       Lowe          Clarke        Strong        L.Thompson    O'Halloran    Raynor        Carruthers    Staff         Thomas        King          Norris        Freeman
 Tue 14th Sep A L Lincoln City                198 D  4-4  Bastock       Strong        Noble         Kirk          L.Thompson    Thomas        Clarke        Carruthers(2) Gascoigne(1)  Staff         McManus       Williamson    O'Halloran(1) Norris
                                                  L  3-4  on penalties (Noble, Strong, O'Halloran scored. L.Thompson, Thomas missed.)
 Tue  5th Oct H P GRIMSBY TOWN                    W  3-1  Bastock       Raynor        Clarke        Strong        Staff         O'Halloran(1) Rusk(1)       Melton        Thomas        L.Thompson    Kirk          Pember        Norris(1)     Forbes
 Wed 13th Oct A P Notts County                    L  3-5  Bastock       Melton        Staff(1)      Greaves       Strong        O'Halloran    Rusk          Holland       McManus       Kirk(1)       Thomas(1)     L.Thompson    Norris        Clarke
 Wed 27th Oct H P HUDDERSFIELD TOWN           222 L  0-1  Coates        Hurst         Matthews      Strong        Raynor        Norris        Bennett       Holland       Thomas        Rusk          L.Thompson    Forbes        Pember        Freeman
 Mon  1st Nov H C ROTHERHAM UNITED            129 W  4-2  Abbey         Rusk          Matthews      Strong        Raynor        Melton(1)     Bennett       Holland       Thomas(1)     L.Thompson    McManus(1)    Norris        Forbes        Lambley
 Tue 16th Nov A P Halifax Town                    D  1-1  Coates        Powell        Clarke(1)     Strong        Raynor        O'Halloran    Rusk          Melton        Norris        Hunter        Scothern      Forbes        Needham       Freeman
 Wed 24th Nov A P York City                       W  4-0  Coates        Powell        Beevers       Strong(2)     Raynor        O'Halloran    Rusk          Holland       Melton(2)     Clare         McManus       Forbes        Freeman       Norris
 Mon 30th Nov A P Scunthorpe United               L  1-3  Coates        Powell        Beevers       Strong        Raynor        O'Halloran    Rusk          Melton(1)     McManus       Clare         Pitt          Forbes        Hurst         Norris
 Mon 13th Dec A P Grimsby Town                    L  4-6  Coates        Richardson    Matthews      King          Raynor        L.Thompson    O'Halloran    Melton(1)     McManus       Clare(3)      Pitt          Maddison      Hamstead      England
 Wed 26th Jan A P Huddersfield Town               L  1-2  Bittner       West          Williams      Strong        King          O'Halloran    L.Thompson    Melton        Staff(1)      Clare         Lee           Hurst         Forbes        Norris
 Mon 31st Jan A C Scunthorpe United               W  3-1  Wright        Clarke        Williams      King          O'Halloran    Raynor        Melton        Pitt          Norris(1)     Staff(1)      L.Thompson(1) Forbes        Freeman       Hurst
 Wed  9th Mar H P YORK CITY                   105 D  0-0  Davies        West          Raynor        Roma          L.Thompson    Melton        O'Donnell     Pitt          Cassidy       Clare         Staff         Norris        Boyack        Forbes
 Thu 17th Mar H C ROTHERHAM UNITED            103 W  2-1  Wright        Roma          Raynor        Melton        Abdulkadir    O'Donnell     Boyack        Forbes        Lee(1)        Easter        Staff         Norris        Coupe(1)      Hurst
 Wed 23rd Mar A P Darlington                      L  0-1  Bartlett      O'Donnell     Staff         Kay           Hurst         Williams      Maylett       Melton        L.Thompson    Coupe         Pitt          Norris        King          Lambley
 Wed  6th Apr H P DARLINGTON                  137 W  1-0  Bartlett      West          Raynor        O'Donnell     Hurst         Reynolds      Coupe         Forbes        Pittman       L.Thompson(1) Norris        Hamilton      Brooks        Lambley
 Mon 10th Apr A C Sheffield Wednesday             L  0-1  Bartlett      West          Ellender      McCann        Thomas        O'Donnell     Rusk          Holland       Hamilton      Clare         L.Thompson    Easter        Holmes        Reynolds
 Wed 20th Apr H P NOTTS COUNTY                    W  3-1  D.Clarke      West          Hurst         Patten        Murphy        Tuohy(1)      O'Donnell     Robinson      Farmery       L.Thompson(2) Easter        Brooks        Norris        King
 Mon 25th Apr H P SCUNTHORPE UNITED            86 W  1-0  D.Clarke      Abdulkadir    Ellender      Raynor        Farmery       Forbes        Doherty       O'Donnell     Danaher       Clare(1)      Norris        Stevens       King          Freeman
 Wed 27th Apr H P LINCOLN CITY                167 L  0-2  McKinney      Edkins        Lawrence      Raynor        Stevens       Doherty       Norris        O'Donnell     Clare         L.Thompson    Danaher       King          Forbes        Needham
 Wed  4th May A P Doncaster Rovers                D  0-0  McKinney      Brownhill     Murphy        Stevens       White         O'Donnell     Tuohy         L.Thompson    S.Noble       Bediako       Norris        King          Raynor        Forbes
 Thu  5th May H P HALIFAX TOWN                 92 W  1-0  Wright        Abdulkadir    Brooks        King          Williams      Edkins        Doherty       Freeman       Cockerill     Needham(1)    Norris        Harper        Chalmers      Cook

All Boston's home games kick off at 7.00pm.

If a team name is underlined then a link to a match report is available.
V - Venue
  • H - Home
  • A - Away
C - Competition
  • P - Pontins Holidays League Division One East
  • C - Pontins Holidays League Cup
  • U - Friendly
The United goalscorers are initially put after the result until I get the team sheet. Then the number of goals scored are put in ( ) next to the goalscorer's name.