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Saturday 18th August 

         Boston United             0-1  Margate
         Chester City              0-2  Woking
         Dagenham and Redbridge    1-1  Southport
         Dover Athletic            0-1  Telford United
         Farnborough Town          0-1  Doncaster Rovers
         Hereford United           2-1  Barnet
         Leigh RMI                 1-1  Hayes
         Morecambe                 1-0  Nuneaton Borough
         Scarborough               1-1  Forest Green Rovers
         Stevenage Borough         2-0  Stalybridge Celtic
         Yeovil Town               2-3  Northwich Victoria

Tuesday 21st August   

         Barnet                    2-0  Dover Athletic
         Doncaster Rovers          2-0  Leigh RMI
         Hayes                     0-2  Stevenage Borough
         Margate                   1-1  Dagenham and Redbridge
         Northwich Victoria        1-1  Scarborough
         Nuneaton Borough          2-0  Hereford United
         Southport                 3-2  Chester City
         Stalybridge Celtic        4-3  Morecambe
         Telford United            2-2  Yeovil Town
         Woking                    0-2  Boston United

Wednesday 22nd August   

         Forest Green Rovers       1-0  Farnborough Town

Saturday 25th August   

         Barnet                    1-1  Scarborough
         Doncaster Rovers          1-2  Yeovil Town
         Forest Green Rovers       0-3  Boston United
         Hayes                     1-3  Chester City
         Margate                   1-2  Leigh RMI
         Northwich Victoria        2-1  Stevenage Borough
         Nuneaton Borough          3-0  Dover Athletic
         Southport                 2-5  Farnborough Town
         Stalybridge Celtic        0-2  Hereford United
         Telford United            1-4  Dagenham and Redbridge
         Woking                    1-3  Morecambe

Monday 27th August   

         Chester City              1-0  Nuneaton Borough
         Dagenham and Redbridge    3-1  Woking
         Dover Athletic            1-2  Forest Green Rovers
         Farnborough Town          2-1  Barnet
         Hereford United           0-0  Southport
         Leigh RMI                 1-2  Northwich Victoria
         Morecambe                 2-1  Telford United
         Scarborough               0-1  Margate
         Stevenage Borough         0-0  Doncaster Rovers
         Yeovil Town               2-1  Hayes

Wednesday 29th August   

         Boston United             4-1  Stalybridge Celtic

Saturday 1st September    

         Barnet                    3-1  Chester City
         Doncaster Rovers          2-1  Dover Athletic
         Forest Green Rovers       2-4  Dagenham and Redbridge
         Hayes                     3-1  Morecambe
         Margate                   2-2  Hereford United
         Northwich Victoria        1-2  Boston United
         Nuneaton Borough          1-2  Yeovil Town
         Southport                 0-0  Stevenage Borough
         Stalybridge Celtic        1-1  Farnborough Town
         Telford United            3-1  Leigh RMI
         Woking                    1-2  Scarborough

Monday 3rd September   

         Dover Athletic            3-2  Hayes
         Stevenage Borough         2-2  Nuneaton Borough

Tuesday 4th September   

         Chester City              2-2  Telford United
         Dagenham and Redbridge    1-1  Barnet
         Farnborough Town          0-0  Margate
         Hereford United           0-0  Forest Green Rovers
         Leigh RMI                 1-2  Southport
         Morecambe                 2-1  Northwich Victoria
         Scarborough               1-1  Stalybridge Celtic
         Yeovil Town               1-3  Woking

Wednesday 5th September   

         Boston United             2-2  Doncaster Rovers

Saturday 8th September   

         Barnet                    0-0  Southport
         Boston United             4-0  Yeovil Town
         Doncaster Rovers          1-1  Woking
         Farnborough Town          1-1  Chester City
         Forest Green Rovers       3-1  Morecambe
         Hereford United           3-0  Dover Athletic
         Leigh RMI                 1-2  Stevenage Borough
         Margate                   3-1  Telford United
         Northwich Victoria        3-0  Nuneaton Borough
         Scarborough               1-2  Hayes
         Stalybridge Celtic        2-3  Dagenham and Redbridge

Monday 10th September   

         Dover Athletic            3-2  Boston United
         Stevenage Borough         2-0  Scarborough

Tuesday 11th September   

         Chester City              0-0  Stalybridge Celtic
         Dagenham and Redbridge    1-0  Hereford United
         Hayes                     1-1  Forest Green Rovers
         Morecambe                 1-0  Barnet
         Nuneaton Borough          2-1  Leigh RMI
         Southport                 5-1  Northwich Victoria
         Telford United            1-1  Doncaster Rovers
         Woking                    0-1  Margate
         Yeovil Town               0-1  Farnborough Town

Saturday 15th September   

         Chester City              1-2  Boston United
         Dagenham and Redbridge    0-1  Leigh RMI
         Dover Athletic            1-0  Stalybridge Celtic
         Hayes                     1-5  Doncaster Rovers
         Morecambe                 2-2  Hereford United
         Nuneaton Borough          2-1  Forest Green Rovers
         Southport                 1-2  Margate
         Stevenage Borough         1-2  Farnborough Town
         Telford United            1-2  Barnet
         Woking                    3-1  Northwich Victoria
         Yeovil Town               2-2  Scarborough

Tuesday 18th September   

         Barnet                    3-1  Hayes
         Doncaster Rovers          2-2  Nuneaton Borough
         Farnborough Town          1-0  Dover Athletic
         Hereford United           0-2  Yeovil Town
         Leigh RMI                 3-0  Chester City
         Margate                   2-1  Stevenage Borough
         Scarborough               0-2  Morecambe
         Stalybridge Celtic        0-0  Southport

Wednesday 19th September   

         Boston United             1-2  Dagenham and Redbridge
         Forest Green Rovers       2-1  Woking

Saturday 22nd September   

         Barnet                    1-0  Northwich Victoria
         Boston United             4-1  Hayes
         Chester City              0-1  Dagenham and Redbridge
         Doncaster Rovers          3-3  Morecambe
         Dover Athletic            1-2  Yeovil Town
         Forest Green Rovers       2-1  Southport
         Hereford United           1-1  Stevenage Borough
         Leigh RMI                 3-0  Farnborough Town
         Scarborough               1-2  Nuneaton Borough
         Stalybridge Celtic        2-2  Margate
         Woking                    1-1  Telford United

Tuesday 25th September   

         Northwich Victoria        2-2  Telford United

Saturday 29th September   

         Dagenham and Redbridge    4-2  Scarborough
         Farnborough Town          0-2  Boston United
         Hayes                     4-1  Hereford United
         Margate                   0-1  Barnet
         Morecambe                 2-1  Dover Athletic
         Northwich Victoria        2-2  Forest Green Rovers
         Nuneaton Borough          2-0  Woking
         Southport                 1-0  Doncaster Rovers
         Stevenage Borough         2-1  Chester City
         Telford United            3-1  Stalybridge Celtic
         Yeovil Town               2-1  Leigh RMI

Tuesday 2nd October   

         Barnet                    2-3  Yeovil Town
         Dagenham and Redbridge    1-0  Stevenage Borough
         Forest Green Rovers       0-2  Stalybridge Celtic
         Hereford United           4-2  Farnborough Town
         Margate                   1-0  Hayes
         Morecambe                 1-3  Leigh RMI
         Northwich Victoria        2-3  Doncaster Rovers
         Nuneaton Borough          3-0  Southport
         Scarborough               2-1  Chester City
         Telford United            2-2  Boston United
         Woking                    4-0  Dover Athletic

Friday 5th October

         Doncaster Rovers          5-1  Forest Green Rovers
         Leigh RMI                 0-1  Hereford United
         Woking                    1-1  Stevenage Borough

Saturday 6th October   

         Boston United             2-2  Scarborough
         Chester City              0-3  Margate
         Dover Athletic            2-1  Northwich Victoria
         Farnborough Town          1-2  Dagenham and Redbridge
         Hayes                     1-2  Nuneaton Borough
         Southport                 0-0  Telford United
         Stalybridge Celtic        1-1  Barnet
         Yeovil Town               1-1  Morecambe

Monday 8th October   

         Dover Athletic            0-1  Dagenham and Redbridge
         Stevenage Borough         1-1  Telford United

Tuesday 9th October   

         Chester City              2-0  Hereford United
         Doncaster Rovers          2-3  Barnet
         Farnborough Town          2-1  Nuneaton Borough
         Hayes                     4-1  Woking
         Leigh RMI                 1-2  Forest Green Rovers
         Southport                 1-0  Scarborough
         Stalybridge Celtic        1-1  Northwich Victoria
         Yeovil Town               1-2  Margate

Wednesday 10th October   

         Boston United             2-1  Morecambe

Saturday 13th October   

         Barnet                    1-1  Leigh RMI
         Dagenham and Redbridge    1-1  Yeovil Town
         Forest Green Rovers       0-0  Stevenage Borough
         Hereford United           0-1  Boston United
         Margate                   1-1  Doncaster Rovers
         Morecambe                 0-3  Chester City
         Northwich Victoria        1-0  Hayes
         Nuneaton Borough          3-1  Stalybridge Celtic
         Scarborough               1-1  Dover Athletic
         Telford United            0-1  Farnborough Town
         Woking                    2-0  Southport

Saturday 20th October   

         Barnet                    0-1  Boston United
         Chester City              1-1  Doncaster Rovers
         Dagenham and Redbridge    2-0  Nuneaton Borough
         Farnborough Town          1-2  Hayes
         Hereford United           6-0  Scarborough
         Leigh RMI                 3-1  Woking
         Margate                   1-2  Northwich Victoria
         Southport                 0-2  Dover Athletic
         Stalybridge Celtic        1-1  Yeovil Town
         Stevenage Borough         3-1  Morecambe
         Telford United            0-0  Forest Green Rovers

Saturday 3rd November   

         Boston United             0-0  Southport
         Doncaster Rovers          0-1  Stalybridge Celtic
         Dover Athletic            0-1  Stevenage Borough
         Forest Green Rovers       3-3  Margate
         Hayes                     1-4  Telford United
         Northwich Victoria        1-2  Farnborough Town
         Nuneaton Borough          2-3  Barnet
         Scarborough               2-5  Leigh RMI
         Woking                    1-0  Hereford United
         Yeovil Town               0-1  Chester City

Friday 9th November   

         Southport                 3-0  Yeovil Town
         Telford United            3-0  Scarborough

Saturday 10th November

         Barnet                    3-0  Woking
         Chester City              2-3  Forest Green Rovers
         Dagenham and Redbridge    1-1  Northwich Victoria
         Farnborough Town          2-1  Morecambe
         Hereford United           0-0  Doncaster Rovers
         Leigh RMI                 1-2  Dover Athletic
         Margate                   1-1  Nuneaton Borough
         Stalybridge Celtic        1-0  Hayes
         Stevenage Borough         1-2  Boston United

Saturday 17th November   

         Dover Athletic            1-2  Nuneaton Borough
         Margate                   0-1  Yeovil Town
         Telford United            2-1  Stevenage Borough

Saturday 24th November

         Boston United             2-1  Leigh RMI
         Doncaster Rovers          0-0  Dagenham and Redbridge
         Dover Athletic            1-0  Chester City
         Forest Green Rovers       2-2  Barnet
         Hayes                     1-0  Southport
         Morecambe                 2-1  Margate
         Northwich Victoria        1-0  Hereford United
         Nuneaton Borough          1-2  Telford United
         Scarborough               1-0  Farnborough Town
         Woking                    1-1  Stalybridge Celtic
         Yeovil Town               2-1  Stevenage Borough

Saturday 1st December   

         Barnet                    2-0  Hereford United
         Doncaster Rovers          1-1  Farnborough Town
         Forest Green Rovers       2-2  Scarborough
         Hayes                     2-1  Leigh RMI
         Margate                   1-1  Boston United
         Northwich Victoria        1-3  Yeovil Town
         Nuneaton Borough          2-3  Morecambe
         Southport                 2-2  Dagenham and Redbridge
         Stalybridge Celtic        2-0  Stevenage Borough
         Telford United            4-3  Dover Athletic
         Woking                    2-1  Chester City

Saturday 8th December

         Chester City              1-1  Morecambe
         Dover Athletic            0-1  Southport
         Leigh RMI                 2-2  Margate
         Nuneaton Borough          0-2  Hayes
         Yeovil Town               1-1  Doncaster Rovers

Saturday 15th December   

         Boston United             4-0  Woking
         Chester City              0-2  Southport
         Dagenham and Redbridge    4-1  Margate
         Dover Athletic            2-2  Barnet
         Farnborough Town          3-0  Forest Green Rovers
         Hereford United           1-1  Nuneaton Borough
         Leigh RMI                 1-4  Doncaster Rovers
         Morecambe                 1-0  Stalybridge Celtic
         Scarborough               1-2  Northwich Victoria
         Stevenage Borough         1-1  Hayes
         Yeovil Town               1-1  Telford United

Saturday 22nd December   

         Dagenham and Redbridge    1-5  Telford United

Wednesday 26th December   

         Barnet                    0-3  Stevenage Borough
         Doncaster Rovers          4-3  Scarborough
         Forest Green Rovers       1-1  Yeovil Town
         Hayes                     2-4  Dagenham and Redbridge
         Margate                   0-1  Dover Athletic
         Northwich Victoria        3-1  Chester City
         Nuneaton Borough          1-1  Boston United
         Southport                 1-1  Morecambe
         Telford United            0-1  Hereford United
         Woking                    3-2  Farnborough Town

Saturday 29th December   

         Boston United             6-1  Forest Green Rovers
         Chester City              3-1  Hayes
         Farnborough Town          0-1  Southport
         Hereford United           3-0  Stalybridge Celtic
         Morecambe                 3-1  Woking
         Scarborough               3-0  Barnet

Saturday 5th January   

         Forest Green Rovers       1-1  Hereford United
         Hayes                     2-1  Dover Athletic
         Margate                   2-1  Farnborough Town
         Nuneaton Borough          2-1  Stevenage Borough
         Southport                 5-0  Leigh RMI
         Woking                    0-2  Yeovil Town

Tuesday 8th January   

         Chester City              1-2  Northwich Victoria

Tuesday 15th January   

         Scarborough               1-0  Doncaster Rovers

Saturday 19th January

         Boston United             3-2  Northwich Victoria
         Chester City              1-0  Barnet
         Dagenham and Redbridge    1-1  Forest Green Rovers
         Dover Athletic            0-1  Doncaster Rovers
         Farnborough Town          2-0  Stalybridge Celtic
         Hereford United           3-0  Margate
         Leigh RMI                 3-1  Telford United
         Morecambe                 2-1  Hayes
         Scarborough               1-0  Woking
         Stevenage Borough         2-1  Southport
         Yeovil Town               2-1  Nuneaton Borough

Tuesday 22nd January

         Telford United            0-3  Chester City

Friday 25th January   

         Doncaster Rovers          2-0  Stevenage Borough

Saturday 26th January   

         Hayes                     0-4  Yeovil Town
         Margate                   1-1  Scarborough
         Northwich Victoria        0-3  Leigh RMI
         Southport                 1-1  Hereford United
         Stalybridge Celtic        2-1  Boston United

Tuesday 29th January 

         Northwich Victoria        4-3  Morecambe
         Yeovil Town               2-2  Forest Green Rovers

Saturday 2nd February   

         Southport                 1-1  Nuneaton Borough

Saturday 9th February   

         Barnet                    1-2  Stalybridge Celtic
         Dagenham and Redbridge    2-1  Farnborough Town
         Forest Green Rovers       0-2  Doncaster Rovers
         Hereford United           0-1  Leigh RMI
         Margate                   0-0  Chester City
         Morecambe                 1-5  Yeovil Town
         Northwich Victoria        2-1  Dover Athletic
         Stevenage Borough         1-4  Woking
         Telford United            1-1  Southport

Tuesday 12th February   

         Dagenham and Redbridge    1-1  Hayes

Saturday 16th February   

         Doncaster Rovers          1-0  Margate
         Dover Athletic            0-2  Scarborough
         Farnborough Town          1-1  Telford United
         Hayes                     1-2  Northwich Victoria
         Leigh RMI                 3-3  Barnet
         Southport                 2-0  Woking
         Stalybridge Celtic        4-2  Nuneaton Borough
         Stevenage Borough         4-1  Forest Green Rovers
         Yeovil Town               3-3  Dagenham and Redbridge

Monday 18th February   

         Boston United             3-4  Hereford United

Tuesday 19th February

         Barnet                    0-3  Farnborough Town
         Nuneaton Borough          1-3  Chester City

Wednesday 20th February

         Forest Green Rovers       2-1  Dover Athletic

Saturday 23rd February

         Dagenham and Redbridge    1-0  Dover Athletic
         Nuneaton Borough          1-1  Farnborough Town

Tuesday 26th February

         Stalybridge Celtic        0-1  Leigh RMI

Saturday 2nd March   

         Chester City              1-1  Leigh RMI
         Dover Athletic            2-1  Farnborough Town
         Hayes                     0-2  Barnet
         Morecambe                 2-0  Scarborough
         Nuneaton Borough          2-3  Doncaster Rovers
         Southport                 3-1  Stalybridge Celtic
         Stevenage Borough         3-1  Margate
         Telford United            1-0  Northwich Victoria
         Woking                    3-4  Forest Green Rovers
         Yeovil Town               2-1  Hereford United

Monday 4th March

         Dagenham and Redbridge    1-0  Boston United

Tuesday 5th March   

         Chester City              0-0  Scarborough
         Farnborough Town          0-1  Woking
         Hereford United           0-1  Telford United
         Leigh RMI                 1-0  Stalybridge Celtic

Saturday 9th March   

         Barnet                    1-0  Morecambe
         Boston United             4-2  Dover Athletic
         Doncaster Rovers          1-0  Telford United
         Farnborough Town          1-3  Yeovil Town
         Forest Green Rovers       2-1  Hayes
         Leigh RMI                 0-1  Nuneaton Borough
         Margate                   4-3  Woking
         Northwich Victoria        3-1  Southport
         Scarborough               1-1  Stevenage Borough
         Stalybridge Celtic        0-4  Chester City

Monday 11th March   

         Stevenage Borough         1-3  Dagenham and Redbridge

Tuesday 12th March   

         Doncaster Rovers          0-1  Boston United
         Farnborough Town          4-2  Hereford United
         Hayes                     2-4  Margate
         Leigh RMI                 0-1  Morecambe
         Stalybridge Celtic        2-3  Scarborough

Saturday 16th March   

         Boston United             3-1  Telford United
         Dover Athletic            0-1  Hereford United
         Forest Green Rovers       1-2  Leigh RMI
         Hayes                     1-2  Scarborough
         Southport                 0-1  Barnet
         Woking                    3-1  Doncaster Rovers

Tuesday 19th March   

         Barnet                    4-0  Dagenham & Redbridge
         Doncaster Rovers          2-2  Northwich Victoria
         Morecambe                 2-2  Southport

Wednesday 20th March   

         Boston United             4-1  Nuneaton Borough

Friday 22nd March   

         Doncaster Rovers          5-2  Hayes

Saturday 23rd March   

         Barnet                    0-0  Telford United
         Boston United             0-1  Chester City
         Farnborough Town          6-1  Stevenage Borough
         Forest Green Rovers       1-2  Nuneaton Borough
         Hereford United           0-2  Morecambe
         Leigh RMI                 2-0  Dagenham and Redbridge
         Margate                   2-0  Southport
         Northwich Victoria        0-3  Woking
         Scarborough               0-0  Yeovil Town
         Stalybridge Celtic        0-2  Dover Athletic

Monday 25th March 

         Dover Athletic            0-0  Margate
         Stevenage Borough         3-2  Barnet

Tuesday 26th March   

         Hereford United           1-0  Chester City
         Morecambe                 1-1  Dagenham and Redbridge
         Stalybridge Celtic        2-1  Forest Green Rovers
         Woking                    0-1  Hayes
         Yeovil Town               0-1  Boston United

Friday 29th March   

         Boston United             1-1  Barnet

Saturday 30th March   

         Doncaster Rovers          2-0  Chester City
         Forest Green Rovers       1-1  Telford United
         Hayes                     0-3  Farnborough Town
         Morecambe                 0-3  Stevenage Borough
         Northwich Victoria        1-1  Margate
         Nuneaton Borough          2-0  Dagenham and Redbridge
         Scarborough               3-2  Hereford United
         Woking                    1-1  Leigh RMI
         Yeovil Town               0-2  Stalybridge Celtic

Monday 1st April

         Barnet                    0-1  Nuneaton Borough
         Chester City              1-1  Yeovil Town
         Dagenham and Redbridge    3-2  Morecambe
         Farnborough Town          4-1  Northwich Victoria
         Hereford United           2-2  Woking
         Leigh RMI                 1-1  Scarborough
         Margate                   1-1  Forest Green Rovers
         Southport                 2-3  Boston United
         Stalybridge Celtic        1-0  Doncaster Rovers
         Stevenage Borough         1-3  Dover Athletic
         Telford United            1-2  Hayes

Wednesday 3rd April

         Telford United            4-1  Morecambe

Saturday 6th April

         Doncaster Rovers          4-0  Hereford United
         Dover Athletic            0-0  Leigh RMI
         Forest Green Rovers       0-2  Chester City
         Hayes                     0-0  Stalybridge Celtic
         Northwich Victoria        1-2  Dagenham and Redbridge
         Nuneaton Borough          0-0  Margate
         Scarborough               3-1  Telford United
         Woking                    1-3  Barnet

Monday 8th April

         Boston United             0-0  Stevenage Borough
         Dagenham and Redbridge    2-1  Stalybridge Celtic
         Dover Athletic            2-2  Woking
         Morecambe                 2-0  Forest Green Rovers
         Telford United            2-0  Margate

Wednesday 10th April

         Nuneaton Borough          0-1  Northwich Victoria
         Scarborough               2-0  Southport

Friday 12th April

         Dagenham and Redbridge    1-0  Doncaster Rovers

Saturday 13th April

         Barnet                    0-1  Forest Green Rovers
         Chester City              3-0  Dover Athletic
         Farnborough Town          4-2  Scarborough
         Hereford United           1-0  Northwich Victoria
         Leigh RMI                 1-2  Boston United
         Southport                 2-3  Hayes
         Stalybridge Celtic        0-2  Woking
         Telford United            0-2  Nuneaton Borough

Monday 15th April

         Stevenage Borough         0-1  Leigh RMI

Tuesday 16th April

         Chester City              1-0  Farnborough Town
         Hereford United           1-0  Dagenham and Redbridge
         Northwich Victoria        1-0  Stalybridge Celtic
         Scarborough               2-0  Boston United
         Yeovil Town               1-2  Barnet

Thursday 18th April

         Margate                   1-1  Morecambe
         Stevenage Borough         2-3  Yeovil Town

Saturday 20th April

         Barnet                    4-1  Margate
         Boston United             4-0  Farnborough Town
         Chester City              5-1  Stevenage Borough
         Doncaster Rovers          1-0  Southport
         Dover Athletic            1-1  Morecambe
         Forest Green Rovers       2-0  Northwich Victoria
         Hereford United           0-1  Hayes
         Leigh RMI                 0-1  Yeovil Town
         Scarborough               0-0  Dagenham and Redbridge
         Stalybridge Celtic        0-2  Telford United
         Woking                    0-0  Nuneaton Borough

Monday 22nd April

         Barnet                    2-0  Doncaster Rovers
         Stevenage Borough         1-0  Northwich Victoria

Tuesday 23rd April

         Morecambe                 0-0  Boston United
         Woking                    0-2  Dagenham and Redbridge
         Yeovil Town               0-0  Southport

Thursday 24th April

         Morecambe                 1-1  Farnborough Town

Saturday 27th April

         Farnborough Town          3-0  Leigh RMI
         Margate                   8-0  Stalybridge Celtic
         Morecambe                 2-1  Doncaster Rovers
         Northwich Victoria        0-3  Barnet
         Nuneaton Borough          1-2  Scarborough
         Southport                 5-1  Forest Green Rovers
         Stevenage Borough         3-1  Hereford United
         Telford United            3-3  Woking
         Yeovil Town               2-0  Dover Athletic

Sunday 28th April

         Dagenham and Redbridge    3-0  Chester City
         Hayes                     0-2  Boston United