Farmer Dan goes to Boston

As the great detective Sherlock Holmes once said "when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth". This maxim will hold you in good stead when you tackle this week's puzzles!

The puzzles

  1. Before going to the match, Farmer Dan had an egg for breakfast, lightly boiled with a slice of toast, yet he never bought an egg, neither borrowed nor stole his eggs and did not keep chickens. Please explain!
  2. After paying his 8.50 entrance fee with a 10 note, Farmer Dan is given his 1.50 change in two coins. One of them is not a 1 coin, what denominations are they?
  3. During the match the ball is played upfield and Paul Ellender follows it by running towards the York Street end. When he arrives in the penalty area he is facing the Town End. How come?

Click here for the solution.

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