A logical solution

This puzzle was sent in to me by "Potteries Pilgrim", one of the posters on Pilgrims' Patter. It's a nice recreational logic puzzle of the type that is often found in puzzle magazines. It is easiest to solve if you draw up grids of all the possibilities and use logic to eliminate various combinations. If anyone else has any further good problems that they would like to see on the Mindbenders, then just send me an e-mail. (ken@drfox.org.uk)

The puzzle

The Pilgrim United webmaster was transferring some of last season's results into a new database. Unfortunately some of the information from five of the games had become mixed up. From the clues below can you identify the scorer, the competition and opponent, the way the goal was scored and the result of each game?

  1. Angel, who didn't play in the FA Cup tie, didn't score the goal that gave United a 3-1 victory.
  2. Weatherstone didn't score in either the County Shield or the FA Cup tie.
  3. Jones' volley wasn't in the County Shield and wasn't against York.
  4. The goal resulting from the free kick wasn't scored against Lincoln but was in the League.
  5. Pilgrim United beat Oxford 2-1.
  6. Weatherstone's header against Swansea wasn't in the LDV Trophy.
  7. Redfearn's goal won the game 2-0 but not against York.
  8. The penalty, which was not scored in the County Shield, was against Hull, but didn't produce a 1-1 draw.
  9. The five individual goals were respectively:-

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