Word Wheels

Word wheel puzzles are very popular in IQ tests. The faster you can solve them the higher your IQ is likely to be. If you can solve all the puzzles below in a total of less than six minutes then you are doing very well! An example word wheel is shown below. The letters that make up a word are placed in order within a circle. You have to work out what the word is. The word can be started at any point, and can be in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Two letters have been removed from the word to make finding the solution more difficult. In the example, the clue to help solve the puzzle could be "It's a type of aircraft". The solution is TURBOJET.

example word wheel

The puzzle

The six word wheels below conceal two footballing terms, the names of two former Boston United players and the names of two teams that Boston United have faced in the past. To make the puzzle a bit more tricky, which wheel goes with which type (footballing term, player or team) will not be revealed! Fill in the blanks to find the words, and remember that the words can be seen in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

word wheels

Click here for the solution.

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