Boston United's Players of the Year

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I have started to put together a list of the Players of the Year. If you can fill in any of the gaps or spot any mistakes then please let me know. (E-Mail: Many thanks already to John Blackwell for filling in most of the gaps and Roy Hackford for supplying a set of photographs of the presentations. Click on the icon in the table below to see a photograph of the presentation if available.

Season Player of the Year
76/7 Gerry Stewart
77/8 Dave Adamson
78/9 Gordon Simmonite
79/80 ?
80/1 Gary Simpson
81/2 ?
82/3 Arthur Mann
83/4 Paul Casey
84/5 Bob Lee
85/6 Dave Gilbert
86/7 Chris Cook
87/8 John McKenna
88/9 Paul Shirtliffe
89/90 John McKenna
90/1 Paul Cavell
91/2 Gary Jones
92/3 Paul Bastock
93/4 Neil Grayson
94/5 Steve Appleby
95/6 Chris Cook
96/7 Chris Withe
97/8 Steve Appleby
98/9 Martin Hardy
99/00 Peter Costello
00/1 Joby Gowshall
01/2 Daryl Clare
02/3 Paul Bastock
03/4 Paul Ellender
04/5 Austin McCann
05/6 Alan White
06/7 Mark Greaves
07/8 Jon Rowan
08/9 Adam Millson
09/10 Shaun Pearson
10/11 Shaun Pearson  
11/12 Marc Newsham
12/13 Marc Newsham
13/14 Ricky Miller

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