Final Score

Update Time 18:00
Pilgrims 1-1 Peterborough United
Colley 61 Tafozolli 35

Latest news: John Blackwell's Testimonial. Callum Chippendale's first start for the Pigrims. Boston bookings: None. Attendance: 920.

Boston United: Christian Dibble, Kalern Thomas (Jake Williams 46), Joe Maguire, Nat Brown (Josh Green 31 (Cameron Johnson 73)), Courtney Wildin, Grant Roberts (Jay Rollins 46), Joe Burgess (Lewis Hilliard 48), Herve Pepe-Ngoma, Marcus Marshall (Malachi Lavelle-Moore 46), Waide Fairhurst (Lamin Colley 46), Jason St Juste (Callum Chippendale 46). Subs not used: Liam Adams, Andrew Ofosu, Jordan Linley, Michael Emery.

Dennis Greene

John Blackwell leads the teams out

Barry Fry presents

More presentation photos

Courtney Wildin

Waide Fairhurst

Jason St Juste

Herve Pepe-Ngoma

Marcus Marshall

Joe Burgess

Joe McGuire

Nat Brown

Josh Green

Kalern Thomas

Grant Roberts

Lewis Hilliard

Director's Box

Colley equalises

Jay Rollins

Jake Williams

The Press

Cameron Johnson

Callum Chippendale

Christian Dibble

Malachi Lavelle-Moore

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