The All-Time Favourites

Here is the List of All-Time Favourite Boston United players, as voted for by visitors to this Web Site. There are quite a few returns in so far (179) and there are a few surprises on the List (wot no John McGinley, Fred Kurz, Freddy Tunstall, Frank Bungay or Wilfred Stanley Notley!). The half votes comes from a return with two players in third equal place! It is never too late to vote, just use the voting form and I will add your votes to the totals as soon as possible.

1Paul Bastock150.5
2Chris Cook81.5
3=John Froggatt42
3=Jim Kabia42
5Billy Howells38
6Mark Rawle37
7Martin Hardy36
8=John McKenna26
8=Jim Smith26
10Gary Jones21
11David Norris23
12Bobby Svarc19
13Leroy Chambers18
14=Dave Adamson17
14=Gerry Stewart17
16=Steve Appleby16
16=Paul Casey16
16=Andrew Stanhope16
19=Paul Cavell13
19=Joby Gowshall13
21=Phil Brown12
21=Ken Charlery12
21=Peter Costello12
21=Neil Grayson12
25Mick Nuttell10
26=Bobby Brown9
26=Ray Middleton9
26=Steve Thompson9
29=Dave Gilbert8
29=Jim Lumby8
29=Jimmy Rayner8
29=David Rennie8
29=Paul Shirtliffe8
34=Neil Callery7
34=Jim Conde7
34=Lee Power7
34=Mike Alexander7
34=Jimmy Fell7
34=Howard Wilkinson7
34=Chris Withe7
41=Geoff Barrowcliffe6
41=Len Curtis6
41=Colin Garwood6
41=Shaun Keeble6
41=John Lakin6
41=Mark Melson6
41=Ross Weatherstone6
48=Anthony Elding5
48=Andy Kiwomya5
48=Bob Lee5
48=Leigh Taylor5
48=Paul Wilson5
53=Mark Cox4
53=Don Donovan4
53=John Flannagan4
53=Chris Grocock4
53=Kevin Hector4
53=Tommy Lowder4
53=Gary Mallender4
53=Dave "Dusty" Miller4
53=Dave Poplar4
53=Gordon Simmonite4
53=Geoff Snade4
53=Peter Thompson4
53=Malcolm White4
53=Ray Wilkins4
67=Jock Bayne3
67=Glen Beech3
67=Derek Bell3
67=Matt Carmichael3
67=Gary Childs3
67=Paul Fewings3
67=Martin Filson3
67=Dave Garland3
67=Andy Graver3
67=Andy Gray3
67=Arthur Hukin3
67=Lawrie Madden3
67=Trevor Parr3
67=Gary Simpson3
67=Aubrey Southwell3
67=Freddie Taylor3
67=Simon Weatherstone3
67=Cliff Wright3
85=Jimmy Bloomer2
85=Gordon Bolland2
85=Winston Campbell2
85=Steve Charles2
85=Daryl Clare2
85=Darren Clyde2
85=Jamie Cook2
85=Mark Cook2
85=Jim Dick2
85=Alex Gibson2
85=Stewart Hamill2
85=Don Hazledine2
85=Colin Hoyle2
85=Glen Maddison2
85=Arthur Mann2
85=John Moyes2
85=Paul Raynor2
85=Harry Sharp2
85=Jack Stone2
85=Warren Ward2
85=Paul Watts2
85=Roger Willis2
107=Phil Annable1
107=Dick Bate1
107=Kevin Blackwell1
107=Steve Buckley1
107=Allen Crombie1
107=Dave Cusack1
107=Greg Fee1
107=Willie Gamble1
107=Paul Hooks1
107=Eric Lister1
107=Mike Marsh1
107=Gavin Ottewell1
107=Pedro Richards1
107=Nigel Simpson1

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