Final Score

Update Time 18:00
FC Halifax Town 0-0 Pilgrims

Latest news: Jay Rollins and Karl Hawley out injured. Boston bookings: Jan Yeomans 75 mins. Attendance: 1752.

Boston United: Ross Durrant, Kalern Thomas, Josh Robinson, Adam Chapman, Tom Batchelor, Jan Yeomans, Harry Vince, Lewis Hilliard (Callum Chippendale 90), Ben Gordon, Colby Bishop (Marcus Marshall 85), Alex Simmons. Subs not used: Shane Clarke, Joe Fitzpatrick, Joe Maguire.

Harry Vince in action


Dance time

Alex Simmons

Tom Batchelor

Kalern Thomas

Harry Vince


Ben Gordon


Jan Yeomans


Adam Murray

Adam Chapman

Sure I've seen this chap before :)

Lewis Hilliard

Josh Robinson

Ross Durrant

Colby Bishop

Josh Robinson


Ross Durrant

Marcus Marshall

Callum Chippendale

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