Townenders' Tunes

I am starting to put together some of the best chants produced by those most dedicated and vocal Pilgrims' fans - the Townenders. You will need a copy of Real Player to hear the chants. Once you have downloaded and installed the Real Player on your computer all you should have to do is click on the links below to hear the mellifluous tones of the Town End Choir! (Assuming you have speakers and a sound card on your computer)

Thanks to Cookie ("alias Whiskey") of the Town End for making most of the recordings.

Real Player

To hear the chants you will need to have Real Player installed on your computer. You might already have it installed as it sometimes comes as a standard plug-in with an Internet browser. If you have not got Real Player on your computer yet then you can download your free copy from the Real Web Site. It is quite a big download (6Mb in size, it takes about twenty minutes to download with a 56K modem) but you only have to do it once. If you want the free version of Real Player then don't get confused by following the links to the similarly sounding version for which there is a charge! The free version is Real Player G2, the version for which there is a charge is Real Player Plus G2. The Real Player has also appeared on a few computing magazine cover CDs so it is worth checking these as well.

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